SkypeTalking 1.0

SkypeTalking is the accessibility plugin for the Skype Internet telefony service
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SkypeTalking is a plug-in that will speak aloud Skype alerts and messages.
In order to allow the visually impaired to use computers, most operating systems include programs called "screen readers". These programs use a synthesized voice to "read" the content of the screen to the operator. Of course, you can use your favorite screen reader, instead of the one provided with your operating system.

SkypeTalking uses both Skype API and your screen reader's API to ease the use of Skype to people that can´t read the screen. It reads in a loud voice (using the synthesized voice installed in your system) the incoming and outgoing Skype alerts, such as online status, incoming calls, file transfers and incoming/outgoing chat messages.

When installing this plug-in, Skype will ask your permission to share its API with it. After answering "Yes", you will not see any trace of Skype Talking again, but you will hear the sinthesized voice each time that the program requires you to read an alert or a message.

This program works flawlessly even with Skype´s latest version, 5.0.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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